Czech Republic sets up National Sports Agency to support sports

The National Sport Agency (NSA) was established in the Czech Republic Thursday, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports said on its website.

The new agency will have 80 employees, including 30 ones from the Education Ministry. Its main task is to create a new system of State support for sports.

The Ministry of Education will gradually withdraw from daily management of sports policy and transfer its responsibilities in the field of sport support totally to the new agency in the middle of 2021.

“In 2020, it will be the agency that will declare the subsidy programs and the relevant calls for 2021. The ministry will definitely end its activities in the field of support for sports in mid-2021,” according to a statement of the ministry.

In connection with the establishment of the NSA, some rules for being entered as a sports organization will be changed, too.

The NSA was introduced by an amendment signed by President Milos Zeman a month ago.

This year, 7 billion crowns (301 million U.S. dollars) were earmarked for sports from the Education Ministry’s budget.