4 explosions take place in Syria’s Hasakah, targeting Kurdish militiamen

Four explosions took place in the northeastern Syrian province of al-Hasakah on Sunday, causing injuries, a war monitor reported.

Three booby-trapped motorcycles and one explosive device went off in different areas in al-Hasakah, leaving injuries among the Kurdish fighters, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The UK-based watchdog group said material losses were caused as well by the bombings.

The explosions are the latest in a series of bombing targeting areas controlled by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in al-Hasakah and its countryside.

On July 11, four explosions hit Syria’s al-Hasakah, wounding 13 people.

The Islamic State, which has lost key areas to the SDF in eastern Syria, has claimed responsibility for several explosions targeting the Kurdish-controlled areas.

The Syrian government repeatedly slammed the Kurdish control over areas in northeastern Syria, vowing to retake all areas controlled by the U.S.-backed Kurdish forces either by force or negotiations.

Pro-government and opposition activists recently reported eruption of protests against Kurdish forces in eastern Syria as the living conditions are tough there.

The Kurdish forces are seeking to create an autonomous region in predominantly Kurdish areas in northeastern Syria, which has been rejected by the government.

The Kurdish forces have made significant wins in the battles against the IS in eastern Syria with the help of the U.S.-led coalition, which made it a target of frequent explosions by the terrorist group.