Ishtaye accuses Israel of seeking to expel Palestinian citizens from Jerusalem

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Ishtaye on Sunday accused Israel of seeking to expel Palestinian citizens from Jerusalem.

Ishtaye’s remarks were made during a meeting held in Ramallah with residents of Wad el-Hommos neighborhood in Sur Baher, southeast of Jerusalem, where the Israeli authorities had destroyed their homes almost two weeks ago.

“What happened in Wad el-Hommos is an awful crime that we will never accept,” said Ishtaye, adding “Israel is seeking to evacuate the Palestinians from the city (Jerusalem) according to Jerusalem plan of 2020.”

He also said that “this Israeli plan for next year intends to make the percentage of the Palestinian citizens in Jerusalem representing 19 percent of the total residents of the entire city.”

Ishtaye accused Israel of not respecting or abiding by any of the peace agreements signed between Israel and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), adding “Israel treats all the West Bank as area (C).”

“Therefore, we will treat all the West Bank as area (A),” said Ishtaye, who discussed with the owners of the destroyed houses all means of holding Israel accountable “for its crime.”

He stressed that the Palestinian government will provide all the aid needed to the residents who have their homes destroyed by the Israeli side “in order to keep their steadfastness on their Palestinian land.”