IT failure has been fixed, British Airways says

British Airways (BA) said Wednesday that a major IT failure that left tens of thousands of passengers stranded earlier in the day has been resolved, but it “could take a week” to clear the backlog.

Around 20,000 passengers suffered cancellations after the airline halted 117 flights due to operate to or from Heathrow, a London airport. Another 10 were cancelled from Gatwick, another airport in the British capital.

Meanwhile, 300 flights were also delayed, with some services lagging more than five hours behind schedule.

The problem had prompted BA to use manual systems for check-in at airports, causing long queues.

BA said it was offering customers the opportunity to rebook flights, but could face a bill of more than 8 million pounds (9.72 million U.S. dollars) if all affected customers claim compensation under European Union rules.