Passengers need treatment at Madrid airport after plane plummets 300 meters in mid-air

A total of 13 people needed medical attention at Madrid’s Adolfo Suarez-Barajas airport and nine were later taken to hospital for injuries caused by extreme turbulence which affected their flight between the island of Mauritius and the Spanish capital.

Spanish state TV network RTVE, reported on Wednesday that the flight, which was operated by the airline “Evelop” fell at least 300 meters as a result of air turbulence and that three crew members and 10 passengers were injured.

The El Pais newspaper reported the aircraft fell for around 15 seconds before the pilots were able to regain control.

The injured were treated by medical teams at the airport’s Terminal 4 after the plane landed at 19:15 local time on Tuesday and all of those who were taken to hospital have subsequently been allowed to leave.

RTVE reported that the passengers who were injured, suffered mainly cuts and bruises and that those who needed treatment did not have their seat belts fastened when the aircraft was hit by the turbulence.

Spanish airport’s authority “AENA” explained that after the drama in mid-air, the aircraft (an Airbus 330-343) was able to “land without problems… and to not interfere with the normal operation of the airport.”