1942: Allied Moon- Raiders Blitz Rommel

1942: Taking advantage of the moonlight, the Allied air force has renewed its attacks on targets in the Egyptian battle area side-by-side with night patrol activity on land.

On Saturday night, medium bombers attacked groups of tents and vehicles, causing fires and explosions, and leaving many tents ablaze.

Light bombers attacked tents and motor transports along theĀ  Barrani-El Daba Road.

A hit on a suspected dump caused a big explosion and two fires, while fire broke out in a communications centre.

American medium bombers and RAF planes attacked workshops at Mersa Matruh, where a violent explosion and a fire resulted.

Elsewhere, Allied bombers are keeping up their day and night offensive on Japanese bases facing the Solomons.

Eight tons of bombs wore dropped in a night swoop on an aerodrome at Rabaul, Now Guinea, where the runway and hangar area were hit.