1945: US occupation army to land in Japan

1945: 7,600 U.S. troops will form the spearhead of the occupation army to land in Japan, it was announced in Okinawa last night.

The first aerial landings in the Tokyo area will consist of 360 big transports from Okinawa and Iwojima.

The men will be armed and prepared as for an actual invasion.

Meanwhile, in Japan, officialdom has taken the first steps to drive home to its 106,000,000 people the stark reality of defeat by appointing a ‘War Liquidation Council’ to replace the Supreme War Council, in order to switch the country from war to occupation.

It was announced yesterday that Admiral Fraser’s flagship, the Duke York, and Admiral Rawling’s flagship King George V, will be part of the powerful force of Allied warships which will anchor in Tokyo Bay for Sunday’s surrender.