1957: Harland and Wolff’s receive Lord and Lady Mountbatten

1957: THE First Sea Lord visited the Belfast factory of Short Bros, and Harland at Castlereagh, where he saw the firm’s latest rocket missiles.

Earlier in the day he paid short visits to Harland and Wolff’s and the Royal Naval Air Station at Sydenham.

Lord and Lady Mountbatten arrived in Belfast from Sligo where they had been on holiday.

They returned London by air last night.

On his arrival at the head office of Short Bros, and Harland at the Queen’s Island, Lord Mountbatten was received by Rear-Admiral Sir Matthew Slattery, chairman the company.

At Sydenham, he walked round the Navy’s workshop and watched men repairing Sea Venom and a Sea Vampire.

He was met on arrival at Sydenham by the superintendent Captain A. O. Reid, and the deputy superintendent Commander J. W. Mott, and was introduced to the heads of departments.

At Harland and Wolff’s Lord Mountbatten met Sir Frederick Rebbeck, chairman of the company.