Biopsy confirms Uruguayan president has malignant lung tumor

Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez’s office confirmed on Friday that there is a malignant tumor on the president’s right lung.

“Today the scheduled diagnostic intervention was carried out, and it confirmed the presence of a malignant tumor,” the president’s office said in a press release with the president’s doctor Mario Zelarayan’s signature.

Vazquez, a 79-year-old oncologist in his second term as president, announced on Tuesday that physicians had discovered a possibly cancerous pulmonary nodule in his right lung during a routine check-up.

The president was admitted on Thursday night to a private hospital in Montevideo for a biopsy scheduled for Friday.

Vazquez “is in excellent shape and came through the procedure without any complications…the definitive report will be made available in the next few days,” the statement said.

The president’s office added that treatment will be determined by ongoing tests.

Dr. Zelarayan said he was optimistic as the tumor was detected at an early stage and that Vazquez will complete his presidential term, which will end in March 2020.