Public outcry over women murder dominates social media in Turkey

Turkish people have raised their voices on different social media platforms over recent murders of two women by their partners, protesting against increasing male violence in the country.

Turks have so far posted more than 700,000 tweets under the hashtag of “#Idontwanttodie” and urged the authorities to stop all kinds of violence against women.

The first killing happened at a coffee house in the central Anatolian province of Kirikkale, where Fedai Baran stabbed his ex-wife Emine Bulut with a knife several times under the gaze of her daughter.

A video clip showing Baran murdering Bulut went viral on Twitter early Friday morning, prompting a burst of outrage across the country.

Bulut was seen trying to keep standing in pain and saying, “I don’t want to die,” as her daughter lamented in shock, “Mom! Please don’t die.”

Baran escaped the scene with the help of two unidentified men, leaving his victim drenched in blood, but he was captured later.

Different women associations immediately called on the justice authorities not to reduce penalties for murderers of women.

“No one can justify himself in this murder,” the Women Councils movement tweeted. “Those who apply for a reduction of penalty for women’s killers, those who are not protecting women, those who attack our rights are partners in Emine’s murder.”

We Will Stop Femicide Platform, a women rights group that tracks homicides against women, asked all women to write down Bulut’s last words “I don’t want to die” anywhere they could.

“No one should forget these words,” the platform said in a post on Twitter.

One person wrote, “I watched that video. I understand that there is nothing left to say. I don’t know how I will sleep ever again.” Another post said, “I will never forget her daughter’s lament.”

In response, Turkey’s Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services issued a written statement later in the day, promising to do its best to ensure that the murderer of Bulut would get “the most severe punishment.”

In a separate killing on Thursday, Bekir Erkol stabbed his wife Tuba Erkol, a mother of three, 20 times in their apartment in the central Anatolian province of Konya.

“No need to ask for help. Your mother is dead,” he told his teenage daughter who was trying to protect her mother, according to press reports.

Erkol left the scene with his two sons but was later caught by the police.

In July alone, 31 women were killed by men across Turkey, raising to at least 221 the killings of women this year, according to figures released by We Will Stop Femicide Platform.

Last year a total of 440 women were murdered by their male partners or relatives, the platform said, noting the actual figure was much more higher as it could not track all the murders.