1942: Churchill back home feeling refreshed

1942: Churchill is back in England.

He landed in a Liberator bomber at a British airport last night a few minutes after black-out time and proceeded by train to London, arriving at No. 10, Downing Street shortly before midnight.

“I am very glad to be back,” Mr. Churchill said as he posed for a photograph before entering No. 10. When asked, Are you tired?” Churchill  shook his head. Tired?” he replied, ” Why should I be tired? have been refreshed.”

Churchill’s arrival marks the end of thousands of miles of journeying by air, during which he visited Moscow for historic talks with Stalin, the Egyptian war front and Cairo for discussions with Allied war chiefs.

His absence from the country was officially disclosed on August 17, when the announcement was made that he had attended important four-day talks in Moscow initiated by Stalin.

Subsequently it became known that during long journeying, that he paid visit to Egypt, and went to the El Alamein front, where his unexpected appearance under the nom-deguerre of Mr. Bullfinch, had a most heartening effect on the men of the Eighth Army.