1945: End of Lend-Lease upsets UK

Mr. Attlee’s grave warning in the House of Commons that the President’s decision had put Britain in a very serious financial position.

1945:  The Prime Minister, making a statement in the British House Commons yesterday on the cessation of Lend- Lease by President Truman said they had hoped this would not be done without prior consultation and discussion.

“We can, of course,” he pointed out, “only demobilize and reconvert gradually, and the sudden cessation of a support in which our war organization has so largely depended put us in a very serious financial position ”

Meanwhile, an American correspondent in London said that the abrupt ending of Lend-Lease had caused deep and bitter resentment in Britain.

Leo Crowley, U.S. Foreign Economic Administrator, said in Washington that there is no reason why there should be any interruption in the flow of vitally needed goods to former Lend-Lease countries.