Namibian artist to take local message to world at Beijing exhibition

As luck would have it for Namibian artist Davido Indongo, he is set to bring his artistic work to a global exhibition in China, one of the world level and a first for the artist.

His collection of artwork entitled “Light in the Face of the Impossible” will make its international debut on Aug. 30-Sept. 2 at the 8th Beijing International Art Biennial in China.

Indongo’s artwork of photographic, videography and visual artwork, a fusion of mixed media art and pointillism style, explores contemporary social issues for years, becoming a microcosm of Namibia’s contemporary society.

“With the artwork, I take the local message to the world,” he said.

One of the paintings, part of the collection to be exhibited in Beijing, is an illustration of a young girl studying at night without electric lights.

According to Indongo, the painting expresses the hardship that most school learners undergo day-by-day in cities and mostly in rural areas in Namibia.

“The materials used in the painting to create the background is acrylic paint on canvas,” he explained.

Exhibiting his work at an international platform is also a dream come true for Indongo, originating from the passion for creative arts since his prime teen years.

“I am amazed and honored to showcase my artwork at an international platform in China, where I can network and get inspired by fellow artists,” Indongo said.

The platform will further serve as an avenue to establish contacts with curators, which will help upscale his skills and enhance commercial acumen in the art fraternity.

Indongo’s journey as an artist began while in secondary education at Dawid Bezuidenhout High school in Namibia’s capital of Windhoek, after which he pursued studies at College of the Art in 2014 with a goal to fuse the arts with pedagogy.

“Combining art and the academia equips me with skills necessary to analyze and present social issues in my visual work, as well as impart such skills to others,” he added.

Gretta Gaspar, an administrator at the National Arts Council of Namibia under the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, said Tuesday that the council funded Indongo and another artist, Fillow Nghipandulwa, to depart for China as part of its objective to provide arts-related financial support to individuals in efforts to build a creative industry.

Indongo hopes this exhibition will be a gateway to more international opportunities.

Meanwhile, a first to visit China, he is also looking forward to exploring Chinese art, sight-seeing and collaborating with other artists

“I also hope to visit the Great Wall of China and immerse in Chinese cuisine,” he said.