Palestinian factions hold Israel responsible for Gaza explosions

Several Palestinian factions and political groups on Wednesday held Israel and its collaborators responsible for Tuesday night’s two explosions in the Gaza Strip, where three policemen were killed and three others were injured.

On Tuesday night, three Palestinians, who are members of the Hamas-run police forces, were killed and three others were injured in a twin explosions at two police checkpoints in the southwest of Gaza City, medics and the statement from Interior Ministry said.

A joint statement signed by various factions, including Islamic Hamas movement, which was emailed to reporters, said that “Israel, its tools and its collaborators are fully responsible for this crime.”

They demanded the Hamas-run security apparatuses “to chase all those who were behind the two explosions and bring them to justice.”

“It is necessary to carry our immediate measures to protect and boost the internal Palestinian front against any Israeli plans that aim at striking on the status of tranquility and spreading street chaos,” the statement said.

Earlier on Wednesday, thousands of Palestinians joined the funeral of the three policemen who were killed in the explosions.

Eyad al-Bozzom, spokesman of the Hamas-run Ministry of Interior, said earlier on Wednesday in a press statement that the security forces arrested some suspects, who might be involved in the explosions.

“The probe of the security apparatuses has achieved a progress, where some suspects had been arrested,” he said, without giving further details of their identities.

Security and police forces redeployed in the streets of the Gaza Strip and erected checkpoints to search for more suspects, while policemen went back on Wednesday morning to work as usual.