Mayor says 10,000 trees planted in Budapest since 2016

Close to 10,000 trees have been planted in the Hungarian capital since 2016, according to official sources.

“The 10,000 spots designated for newly planted trees in Budapest are almost filled,” said Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos in an interview given to local media.

“The local authority has planted 9,947 trees since 2016, averaging at 2,000 trees a year, up from 200-300 before 2010,” he added.

Budapest joined the “Under 2” international initiative three years ago, pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the city below 1990 levels by 2050, he underlined.

The Budapest assembly also accepted a climate strategy 18 months ago, addressing “all important environmental issues” such as heat waves, floods and air quality, he noted.

The mayor also promised to equip the recently renovated Metro line 3 with air conditioners.

Tarlos spoke ahead of the local elections in Hungary, to be held on Oct. 13. He seeks to be re-elected as mayor for a third consecutive term.