Danish bank admits leaking customer addresses

Danish Arbejdernes Landsbank, one of the seven largest banks in Denmark with over 250,000 customers, has admitted that it has accidentally leaked their customers’ secret addresses.

“Yes, we can, unfortunately, confirm that. The technical error of our IT provider has now been corrected and the customers, who may be affected by the matter, are informed,” confirmed Jesper Bjerrehuus, Communication and Press Manager at Arbejdernes Landsbank in a press release published Saturday morning.

Customers had their addresses leaked during transfers between accounts. The sender’s address was revealed during the transfer, even if the person concerned had a registered secret address.

Arbejdernes Landsbank claims the problem has now been resolved.

“We’ve fixed the error, so your address will not be seen during future transfers, unless you ask for it yourself,” the press release said.