Controversial gas extraction in northern Dutch province to stop in 2022

Gas exploitation in the northern Dutch province of Groningen is expected to stop in mid-2022, Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Eric Wiebes announced on Tuesday in a letter to the parliament.

The Dutch government is taking a number of additional measures that will reduce gas extraction even faster than anticipated last year. According to network company Gasunie Transport Services (GTS), this means that the extraction at an average temperature can be nil by mid-2022.

In case of a harsh winter, it may be necessary to continue to extract gas after 2022. The gas field is therefore completely closed off at a later time.

The gas extraction in Groningen is controversial because it causes small earthquakes and damage to houses. The earthquake-plagued people there want it to stop.

The Dutch government announced in October 2018 that the gas extraction would stop in 2030 ultimately.