British face higher prices, food shortages after Brexit

Britain faces food shortages, prices rises and protests after a no-deal Brexit. The revelation comes after the British government released its no-deal Brexit contingency plan after MPs voted to force the its release last week.

The Yellowhammer file, which is redacted in parts and almost identical to a version leaked to the Sunday Times last month, says a no-deal Brexit could lead to:

  1.  a “decrease” in certain types of fresh food and “shorter supply” of key ingredients

  2.  price rises for food and fuel, which would “disproportionately” affect those with low incomes

 3.   “disruption lasting up to six months” potentially affecting medicines and medical supplies

   4.  protests and counter-protests across the UK

 5.    lorries waiting for more than two days to cross the English Channel

In a separate development, a call for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign following a Scottish court ruling that his suspension of Parliament was unlawful was made on Wednesday by a leading Conservative politician.

There have been a variety of reactions after three appeal court judges in Scotland ruled that advice given by the British government to Queen Elizabeth II was illegal.