More Ukrainians want to stay in Poland: new research

A larger proportion of Ukrainians in Poland would like to stay for a long time in the country, according to a new research published on Monday by EWL (The Foundation Supporting Migrants on the Labour Market) and Warsaw University.

Poland has seen a huge wave of migration from Ukraine since 2014. Experts from the Polish National Bank estimated that around 800,000 Ukrainian workers are active on the Polish labour market at any given time.

Polish authorities have made it easy for Ukrainians to come and work for a short time, while getting a long-term residence permit continues to be difficult.

The new research showed that, with time passing, more Ukrainians are deciding to settle their lives in Poland and their expectation about what is fair pay is increasing.

According to the study, only 6 percent of Ukrainians would work for less or around the minimum wage. The study also showed that at present, a third of Ukrainians would like to live in Poland for a long time(compared to only one fifth last year) and 27.5 percent of Ukrainians in Poland would like to start a business there. Moreover, 64 percent of those interviewed said they would like to bring their children to study in Poland.