Startup begins selling bitcoin vouchers in part of Lithuanian convenience stores, kiosks

A startup in Lithuania started selling bitcoin vouchers this week via a chain of convenience stores and kiosks.

According to Rebiton, a startup behind the idea, physical vouchers, purchased at the Narvesen convenience stores and Lietuvos Spauda kiosks, can be later exchanged into bitcoins in the startup’s website and transferred into cryptocurrency wallets.

“With this project we aim to simplify the process of purchasing this cryptocurrency, even for those who have never purchased this cryptocurrency before,” Raimundas Asauskas, representative for Rebiton, said in a press release.

The startup has chosen the convenience stores and kiosks for the sale of bitcoin vouchers due to their network and “positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies”, according to Rebiton.

Rebiton said customers don’t need any ID or other personal documents for verification and can exchange bitcoin vouchers using only e-mail and the address of their cryptocurrency wallet.

In response to the news, the country’s central bank warned against risks associated with buying bitcoin vouchers.

“We see money laundering risks here,” Audrius Silgalis, head of Investment Services Supervision at the Bank of Lithuania, told local media.

The Bank of Lithuania also warned that people purchasing bitcoin vouchers also face all risks that are associated with cryptocurrencies, such as “high fluctuations in value, complex forecasting, lack of payment opportunities, possible thefts”.