Berlin police take stock after 3 months of e-scooters on German roads

During the first three months after electric scooters (e-scooters) were allowed on German roads, 74 accidents were registered in Berlin, the capital city’s police have said.

Since mid-June, e-scooters have been allowed to drive in German cities and several suppliers have made such vehicles available for hire. Scooters are allowed to drive between 6 km and 20 km per hour only on cycle paths or on the road.

According to Berlin police, 16 people have been seriously injured and 43 suffered light injuries as a consequence of registered accidents.

In 65 of the 74 accidents, the e-scooter drivers had caused the accidents themselves. Twenty-seven of these were traffic accidents without the involvement of other participants.

The main causes of these accidents were “carelessness while driving, inadmissible use of pavements or drunkenness in road traffic when using e-scooters,” police said.

Police controls in the evenings and at night in particular showed that e-scooter drivers were “above-average often drunk.”

A total of 87 criminal investigations were initiated against e-scooter drivers. In 65 cases, the investigations were being carried out for drunk driving, with the blood alcohol level even exceeding 0.278 percent in one case. If the level exceeds 0.3 percent, complete loss of consciousness or even death can occur.

In addition, 233 traffic offenses were committed in connection with e-scooters. These included “unauthorized driving on sidewalks, driving with several people or using a mobile phone while driving.”

Last week, the German Association of German Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) called for a ban on e-scooters on German roads due to the increased number of accidents involving such vehicles.

“E-scooters should be completely banned. Only that would help avoid injuries,” said Andreas Gassen, head of the association.