Michael Kors Releases New Smartwatches – Are They Becoming a Luxury Item?

If fashion icons are seen wearing them and other well-known designers develop their own styles of watch, they could blossom into a luxury staple in the years to come.

Leading brands have been creating and marketing smartwatches since 2010 onward, but the gadgets didn’t really gain much traction until the Apple Watch was released in 2015.

At first, the iOS offering was met with some criticism over its poor battery life and hardware malfunctions. Later generations had greater success, though, and the company shipped 22.5 million units in 2018. Up to now, smartwatches have not been a luxury essential, however. But that could change now that watch manufacturers like Michael Kors are beginning to release state of the art, stylish options.

Michael Kors has just announced its next generation of smartwatches, which will comprise of the Access Lexington 2, the Access Bradshaw 2, and the Access MKGO. The latter is the company’s lightest smartwatch to date and is mainly designed for fitness. It comes with Google Fit and can track the wearer’s heart rate and other health data.

The other two are the next generations of the original offerings, and they come with some handy upgrades. The software used is Google’s Wear OS and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 3100. One of the nifty benefits of the newer models is that the user can make calls directly from the watch.

With Michael Kors, one of the world’s most prestigious designers, placing focus on smartwatches, this could help to make wearables more fashionable. The devices certainly have a lot of potential to be useful to their users but not enough people are buying into them yet.

If fashion icons are seen wearing them and other well-known designers develop their own styles of watch, they could blossom into a luxury staple in the years to come. The market is expected to be worth $27 billion by 2022, so there are likely to be a number of factors which contribute to its eventual success.

There are some other ways that smartwatches can be helped into the mainstream. By now, several mobile app developers have taken advantage of the potential of smartwatches to provide additional usability and quick notifications, but game companies could also have a big part to play.

Indeed, some iGaming companies have already looked into bringing slots to players’ wrists. The hugely popular slot Thunderstruck II, which is one of the Magical Vegas slots online, was the first-ever slot game to be ported to smartwatches.

The game from Microgaming is based on Norse mythology and features the legendary gods of Asgard. The fitness industry is also going to continue helping to boost the sales of smartwatches. It is growing at a rate of 8.7 percent globally, as greater numbers of people are seeking ways to get healthier. This will almost certainly lead to more smartwatch sales, as the devices can be used to track vital statistics when working out. By being able to see their progress, users can keep motivation levels high.

Up to now, the smartwatch hasn’t really been touted as a fashion device. But with designers like Michael Kors working on advanced models, this could soon be about to change, with affluent clients in the Middle East and beyond taking an interest in everything high fashion. Fashion trends along with new innovations and upgrades are likely to help make smartwatches essential items in the years ahead.