Abbas berates the United States for its Middle East policy

Address by His Excellency Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has berated the United States for its Middle East policy, saying it dampens the hope for peace and jeopardizes the two-state solution.

“This U.S. policy has emboldened the government of the Israeli occupation to renege all signed agreements with us and its commitments toward peace, depriving the peace process of any credibility, pushing large segments of the Palestinian people to lose hope in the possibility of a long-awaited peace,” Abbas told the UN General Assembly General Debate. “It has jeopardized the two-state solution.”

Now many wonder if the two-state solution has become impossible, he said.

“Can we have a one-state solution, where everyone can live equally?” he asked. “I will tell you: I am only for a two-state solution. … I will not accept any one-state solution. I will not accept apartheid. We want a two-state solution based on international legitimacy.”