Laws tighten on booze sales in Lithuania

The Lithuanian parliament has introduced two more bans concerning alcohol sales, aimed at reducing alcohol consumption in the Baltic country.

According to the newly-adopted amendments to the country’s Law on Alcohol Control, it will be prohibited to sell strong alcoholic beverages (stronger than 22 percent) packed in one glass-size plastic containers.

“Such one-gulp size alcoholic beverages are intended to reduce the effect of alcoholic abstinence,” Antanas Vinkus, member of the parliamentary committee of health, was quoted as saying by local media.

Meanwhile, stronger than 6 percent alcohol will be prohibited to be sold in larger than 0.2 liter plastic bottles. The latter ban concerns such beverages as strong beer or alcoholic cocktails.

The new restrictions will not be applied if alcoholic beverages are sold in glass, ceramic, wooden or metallic containers.

Seventy-two members of the Lithuanian parliament supported the amendments, with one voting against and eight abstaining from the vote. The law amendments will come into force as of November 2020.

In recent years, the Lithuanian authorities have been considering numerous measures aimed at restricting access to alcohol due to concerns over alcohol abuse in the country.

Back in June, the Lithuanian parliament banned producing and selling food products, beverages, toys and other goods for children if their design imitates alcoholic drinks.

Raising the minimum drinking age to 20, restricting alcohol sale hours and introducing alcohol advertising ban are among the amendments to the Alcohol Control Law adopted in recent years.