Germans want mobile ban in schools

Seventy-six percent of German parents want mobile phones banned in schools, according to representative survey conducted by the infas Institute for Applied Social Sciences on behalf of the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

According to the survey, 82 percent of parents of elementary or secondary school children are opposed to the use of mobile phones in class other than for teaching purposes.

The most common reasons given by parents in support of a ban were better concentration as well as preventing interruptions and cyberbullying.

“We should give our children trouble-free learning time and face-to-face communication,” Hildegard Bentele, member of the European Parliament, commented.

In Germany´s federal state of Bavaria, mobile devices have been banned in schools since 2006, although they can still be used for teaching purposes. In the remaining fifteen federal states of Germany, schools are free to decide if they want to impose a ban on mobile phones.

According to a survey conducted by Germany´s digital association Bitkom, more than half of the country’s schools banned mobile phones in 2019 but most of these schools limited the ban to selected subjects.