Favorable conditions drive record investments in Swedish wind power

Sweden is on track for a record electricity surplus by 2022 as investment in the Swedish wind power market gains momentum, Swedish news SVT reported on Monday.

“Four years from now, production will double. Today, production is at 20 terawatt hours and it will be at 40 terawatt hours in 2022,” Charlotte Unger Larson, CEO of the Swedish Wind Energy Association, told Swedish news SVT.

“Investors have confidence in wind power in Sweden, and that depends on the policy being driven,” Larson told SVT earlier.

The twin driver for this surge in productivity is technology and innovation. Today, wind turbines being built in Sweden are already over 190 meters, taller than Sweden’s tallest building. In five years’ time, experts expect the new generation of turbines to reach 250 meters tall and power over 50 percent of Sweden’s national electricity needs.

For the national energy mix, this means more exports, and dwindling reliance on nuclear power.

“We see that our forecasts for wind power far exceed production in the [nuclear] reactors that will be shut down in Ringhals. We will therefore continue to have a surplus,” says Robert Andren, director general of Sweden’s energy authority.

For the regional market, a rising surplus means electricity exports will increase.

“When we export more renewable electricity from Sweden, the coal-produced electricity in Europe will decrease, so we will increase exports because it helps the climate challenge,” Larson told SVT.