Paris warns against unilateral military offensive against Kurds

France has asked Turkey to avoid a unilateral military offensive against Kurdish militants in northern Syria, warning that such move would undermine the stability in the region, a French Foreign Ministry spokesperson said.

“We call on Turkey to avoid any initiative that would run counter to the interests of the Global Coalition against Daesh (Arabic acronym for the IS), of which it is a member,” spokesperson Agnes von der Muhll said.

“Any unilateral action …would undermine the stability of this region and the work we are carrying out directly on the ground, through military, humanitarian and stabilization efforts, alongside the Syrian Democratic Forces, in order to combat terrorism over the long term,” she added.

Von der Muhll warned the Islamic State “remains a major threat” and “still has significant resources and capacity for action” despite its territorial defeat.

On Monday, the United States began withdrawing its troops from the northeast Syria border.

Turkey has decided to launch a military campaign in the east of Euphrates to clear the area from “terrorists” and resettle refugees, Turkish officials said on Monday, after the White House announced not to support or get involved in the operation.