Cruzeiro Safaris offers advice on spotting of wildlife in Kenya National park

Visiting Kenya’s parks and reserves, one will be spending a lot time craning their necks and keeping watchful eyes out of animals and birds. There are a few tell signs to note, as well as a few things one can do to maximize the chances of spotting the Big Five of which most are just common sense.

The best time to see wildlife is between 6.30am and 9.30am and from 3.30pm to 6.30pm. Cruzeiro Safaris Kenya makes sure they take one out on these times. Wildlife drives in the middle of the day are unlikely to turn up much, although there are signs that in popular parks such as Amboseli and Masai Mara animals are actually changing their normal hunting habits to avoid tourists. When tourists head back to the lodges for lunch, the carnivores goes out hunting – in peace. Cruzeiro Safaris Kenya 3 Days package to Masai Mara encourage travellers to take packed / picnic lunches so that even during this time they still have a chance to maximize their value of money.

On a final note – taking a longer safari is great, 3-6 days but endless long days peering out of a sunroof, on bumpy roads, in the heat, eating the same food, stuck with the same people, can take its toll quicker than you think. Any animal you see on the first day will be exciting, though sooner or later most travellers will experience safari fatigue, that jaded feeling of ‘not another zebra, I wanna see a freaking leopard’ if this happens ‘ a few cultural activities, an afternoon’s relaxation or even just a quick swim can do wonders for keeping things fresh.