Nearly half of German households connected to fast internet, but most inactive: study

The number of fast gigabit-capable internet connections available in Germany will increase year-on-year by 73 percent to 19 million by the end of 2019, a study published by the German association for telecommunication companies (VATM) showed.

Nearly half of the approximately 42 million households in Germany would therefore be able to transmit data at a rate of one gigabit per second.

However, only about 4.8 million of the fast internet connections would be used while the rest of it was inactive, the VATM study showed. At the beginning of the year, there had been only about 3.3 million active gigabit-capable internet connections in Germany.

Telecommunications companies in Germany would invest 9.4 billion euros (10.3 billion U.S. dollars) into property, transmission masts and equipment, the highest investment in this regard of the telecommunications companies since 2011, according to VATM.

“Investments in the telecommunications market are increasing significantly as a result of the accelerated construction and modernization of high-performance fixed-network lines and the expansion and introduction of 4th and 5th generation of mobile communications,” commented study author Torsten Gerpott.