Hungarian united opposition wins Budapest mayoral race

Hungarian united opposition won the race for the post of Budapest mayor and those of some major cities while the ruling party Fidesz won the majority of mayor posts of smaller cities, according to the results of the National Election Office (NVI) here on Sunday.

The turnout was high for local elections, close to 50 percent, according to NVI.

When 81.59 percent of the votes were counted, the post of the Budapest mayor went to Gergely Karacsony, the candidate of the united parties of the opposition, with 50.62 percent of the votes. Istvan Tarlos, current mayor, got only 44.29 percent. Independent candidates got the rest.

Karacsony declared: “We took back Budapest!” in his speech following the congratulations of Tarlos.

The race in other major cities such as Szeged, Pecs or Miskolc were also won by the opposition.

“Budapest chose Gergely Karacsony today,” Tarlos declared. “I congratulate him and wish him luck,” he added.