Police detain 21 migrants as inflow surges

Police have detained 21 migrants found wandering in the capital on Thursday, as the increased migrant influx continues.

Speaking on state radio, a police spokesman disclosed that a pregnant woman and a child were among the group.

The woman has been transferred to a hospital for a medical evaluation, while the others are being held at a temporary reception center.

Earlier this week, Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides expressed fears that jihadists could attempt to join genuine refugees arriving from Syria, where a Turkish military operation is currently underway.

He said authorities, including police and security forces, are on full alert.

Petrides has recently pointed to an alarming upward trend in migrant arrivals, which, he said, is getting worse every day and putting an enormous strain on the island. It is estimated that this year has seen an increase of over 130 percent in new asylum applications compared to 2018.

In August, the country called on the European Commission to help relocate at least 5,000 asylum seekers from the island to other European Union member states.