Former Lebanese PM denies accusations of unjust enrichment via housing loans

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati denied on Wednesday accusations of illegitimately achieving gains through housing loans, the National News Agency reported.

“These claims are false and everybody knows that I am under the rule of law,” Mikati told reporters during a press conference.

Mikati added that he is ready to lift banking secrecy on his accounts.

Meanwhile, Bank Audi also denied involvement in any actions related to unjust enrichment.

Earlier in the day, Mikati, his son Maher and his brother Taha as well as Bank Audi were charged by Mount Lebanon Public Prosecutor Ghada Aoun with unjust enrichment based on allegations that they had received subsidized housing loans.

The charge came after a week of nationwide demonstrations across Lebanon calling for the fight against corruption and the change of the entire political class.