Mining industry booms in Finland

Mining in Finland has broken excavation volumes for three years in a row, although booming production still does not meet demand, an industry report said on Tuesday.

The report, published by the Finnish ministry of economic affairs and employment at a conference on mining and ore searching at Kittila, northwestern Finland, says that eleven mines are currently producing metal ore and 35 industrial minerals in Finland at a total output of 50 million tons. A new silver mine in the northeastern city of Sotkamo and a gold mine in southern city of Valkeakoski joined the league this year.

Investments grew by 29 percent partially due to environmental concerns as both the industries and administrators require responsible operations and the ability to trace down the origins of materials, the report said.

The Finnish terrain has rich deposits of minerals suitable for the automobile battery industry, a key area in the development of mining, it said.

The hazards caused by mining and the rights of landowners have been in public focus recently as the Finnish parliament has begun processing a civic initiative to tighten public control of mines and increase revenues for local people.