Croatian gov’t submits draft 2020 state budget to parliament

The government of Croatia submitted its draft state budget for 2020 to parliamentary procedure on Thursday.

The draft foresees total revenues of 145.1 billion kuna (21 billion U.S. dollars) and total expenditures of 147.3 billion Croatian kuna.

Planned total revenues are up 7.7 percent over this year, while expenditures are up five percent. A budget deficit of 2.15 billion kuna is projected for next year. The budget proposal is based on a 2.5 percent gross domestic product (GDP) growth projection.

The government has proposed that the Croatian parliament rebalance the budget for this year, with total revenues increasing by 1.2 percent, while spending decreasing by 1.3 billion kuna.

The government also anticipates a 6.12 percent increase in public sector employees’ salaries and a correction of the coefficients to basic salaries.

The government proposes that the minimum monthly wage in Croatia next year should be 3,250 kuna net or 4,062.51 kuna gross, an increase of 8.3 percent.

The proposal to increase the coefficients for primary and secondary school employees by two percent and to increase the basic salary by 6.12 percent did not satisfy the education workers’ unions, which have been on strike since Oct. 10.

The unions announced a general strike for Nov. 6 in all Croatian schools unless a compromise solution is found by then in agreement with the government. (1 Croatian kuna = 0.15 U.S. dollar)