Cruise ship stranded outside Stockholm

A cruise ship carrying more than 1,000 passengers was stranded just outside of Stockholm on Wednesday evening, Swedish news SVT reported.

The ship, Princess Anastasia, became stranded near the island of Lidingo, east of Stockholm, around 6:00 p.m. local time. A witness saw the ship and noticed that all the lights were out aboard, and alerted maritime rescue.

“Shortly after 6 o’clock, the ship experienced some form of electrical blackout, which has led to it becoming stranded,” Tony Frank, commanding officer at the Stockholm Rescue Center, told SVT News.

The ship was on its way from Stockholm to St. Petersburg via Helsinki when the blackout occurred.

According to Emelie Boyd, press communicator at the Swedish Maritime Administration, 1,065 people are on board the ship.

According to the Maritime and Air Rescue Center, no injuries have been reported and electrical power was quickly restored.

Shortly after 7:30 p.m., Ingrid Hansson, press officer for Ports of Stockholm, announced that the ship was on its way back to Stockholm.

“It seems she is on her way out of Lidingo, and we are prepared to receive her at her usual place, right now it seems to be under control,” Hansson told SVT News.