Israeli army to test new rocket alert system amid regional tensions

The Israeli army said on Sunday that it will hold a nationwide exercise to test for the first time its new alert system in case of rocket or missile attacks.

In June, the Home Front Command upgraded Israel’s alert system for rockets and missiles.

The new system divides the country into 1,700 zones, the army said in a statement. In case of an attack, sirens will be heard in the specific region under threat.

The drill will be held between Nov. 26-28, according to the statement.

“The exercise will be conducted in a gradual manner, with the system activated separately in each zone,” the statement read, adding the alerts will be issued by sirens, TV channels, websites, radio stations and the Home Front Command’s application.

The exercise comes amid elevated tensions in the region. Israel has been increasingly concerned by the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from Syria and has repeatedly warned that it will not allow Iran to establish permanent military bases in Syria.