Russian radio-technical troops carry out Arctic drills

Units of Russian radio-technical troops have carried out drills of detecting possible airborne intruders on Wrangel Island between the Chukchi Sea and East Siberian Sea in the Arctic Ocean, the Russian Defense Ministry said Friday.

New Mi-8AMTSh-VA helicopters, which have been recently deployed in the Arctic, acted as simulated intruders. The Sopka-2 radar system was used to search, detect and identify the targets, the ministry’s Zvezda broadcasting service said.

Sopka-2 radar systems were specially designed to be used in arctic regions. The main task of the Sopka-2 is to obtain, summarize and analyze information about the air situation. Due to the high resolution of the radar system, it is able to recognize individual air targets flying in the group.

The radar used in the current drills was deployed on Wrangel Island in 2016.

MI-8AMTSh-VA is a twin-engine helicopter specially designed to perform the Russian Armed Forces’ missions in Arctic environmental conditions.