Lebanon’s private sector to shut down to protest against absence of gov’t

Lebanon’s economic entities called on Monday for a complete strike for the private sector for three days starting Thursday while warning of taking further measures if a new government does not get formed very soon.

“We call for the formation of a government that is capable to restore confidence in Lebanon and save the economy which has reached an unprecedented level of deterioration,” a statement by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture said.

The statement added that the economic and social situation in the country has reached an alarming level of danger and thousands of businesses are threatened to shut their doors down while tens of thousands of employees will be laid off soon.

It also said that political authorities failed to assume their responsibilities without showing any seriousness in dealing with the crises prevailing in the country.

Economic entities said that they will not remain silent if political authorities fail to form a government which will lead to a catastrophe in the country.

Lebanon has been witnessing around 40 days of nationwide demonstrations against the current ruling political class which led to the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s government.

The president has so far failed in holding parliamentary consultations to name a prime minister tasked with the formation of a new government.

Protesters vowed not to leave the streets before they guarantee that officials meet their demands which include the formation of a credible government capable of implementing serious economic reforms and restoring stolen public funds.