Cars vandalized in suspected anti-Arab attack in central Israel: police

Dozens of vehicles were vandalized and spray-painted with racist slogans on Thursday in a suspected anti-Arab attack in an Arab town in central Israel, the police said.

Tires of some 40 vehicles were punctured with hate graffiti spray-painted in Jaljulia, northeast of Tel Aviv, the Israeli police said in a statement.

On a bus that parked in the town, the perpetrators wrote a slogan against intermarriage between Jews and Arabs, calling on Jews “to stop the assimilation” with Arabs, according to the statement.

Footage from CCTVs shows three masked persons slashing cars’ tires in the town.

The incident was the latest in a wave of hate crimes against Palestinians in the West Bank and Israel.

Israelis carried out hate crime attacks in four Palestinian communities in the West Bank last week and since January, some 43 Palestinian towns and villages were attacked, according to figures collected by Tag Meir, an Israeli human rights group.

These “price tag” attacks, as they are widely called in Israel, are assaults by far-right Israelis against Palestinians and their property including mosques, synagogues and cemeteries.

Thousands of such attacks have been carried out over the past years, mainly in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Most of the cases have remained unsolved and charges are rarely brought.