COP25 seeks to boost climate ambition with new actors: Chilean minister

Chilean Environment Minister Carolina Schmidt has said that the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) which opens on Monday will be the “COP of ambition and action.”

Although the conference will be held in Madrid due to the social unrest in the Chilean capital Santiago, Chile will still preside over the COP25. Speaking to a small group of reporters at Madrid’s IFEMA exhibition center, Schmidt set out her country’s ambitions for the coming 12 days.

“The COP25 is the COP of ambition and action and in order for it to be a success, we need to bring all of the actors to the table,” she said, explaining that there will be special days with representatives of key ministries focusing on the key aspects of combating climate change.

“At this edition we are going to have finance ministers who will meet on Dec. 9 who will give an impulse to measures to help us to have a bigger reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases which affect climate change.

“On Dec. 10, there will be meetings between energy ministers to see how we can transform energy production to have zero emissions and clean energy which is renewable and sustainable,” Schmidt said.

The first ministerial meeting will be held on Dec. 4, when science ministers will discuss how “to increase innovations that we need to stop climate change with concrete measures that will improve people’s lives,” she said.

On Dec. 5 agriculture ministers will get together “to see how we can stop deforestation; how we can change agriculture so it doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses and how we can better use the resource of water.”

The session on Dec. 6 will focus on transforming transportation in sustainable ways and with far less greenhouse gas emissions.

The Chilean minister said that her country was presiding over COP25 for “all of Latin America and the Caribbean nations,” which she said had different problems from the developed world.

“We have to face the needs that exist in our countries so we have to not only put in net goals but to implement fair measures that allow citizens to improve their quality of life,” said Schmidt, highlighting that measures to stop climate change have to be not only effective but also fair and not prevent the developing world from raising their living standards.

Some 113,000 square meters have been set aside in seven pavilions at the IFEMA exhibition center for the 25,000 people who are expected to attend the COP25 summit slated for Dec. 2-13.