Austrian Airlines flight schedule unveiled

Passengers can once again look forward to an attractive Austrian Airlines flight schedule in the upcoming summer months. Many new destinations or increased frequencies on other routes, for example in Greece, Italy or Spain, are now included thanks to the strategic concentration of capacities in Vienna.

In the long-haul segment, Austrian Airlines’ initial flight to Boston will take place on 29 March 2020. Austria has never been directly connected to the American metropolis up until now. Compared to last year, Austrian Airlines will be offering around 40 more flights per week from Vienna next summer. The flight schedule will take effect on 29 March 2020. “We are looking forward to connecting Rome and Barcelona to our network again next summer.

We will also be flying directly to classic destinations such as Mykonos, Zakynthos and other popular holiday locations in Greece in 2020,” says Austrian Airlines CCO Andreas Otto. “No matter whether it’s a city trip or a beach holiday – everyone will find something suitable for them at Austrian Airlines.”