Greece launches pilot program as part of efforts to reverse brain drain

A pilot program aimed to pave the path under a wider strategy to reverse brain drain in Greece has been presented by Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis.

At least 420,000 Greeks left the country over the past decade as Greece was gripped by a severe debt crisis, according to the Bank of Greece data. Most of the migrants who sought jobs and a better life abroad were highly qualified professionals.

After formally exiting the bailouts era in the summer of 2018, Greece is seeking to persuade these professionals to return home and prevent new departures as part of efforts to rebuild a healthy economy, Greek officials have repeatedly stated.

Under the pilot program entitled “Rebrain Greece” businesses will be given incentives to offer well-paid job positions to 500 professionals aged 28-40 who left Greece and are currently working abroad.

The minimum monthly wage was set at 3,000 euros (3,330 U.S dollars) and the 70 percent will be covered with EU funds for the first year, according to an e-mailed press release issued by the ministry.

The companies which will express interest to participate in the coming weeks and months will have to pay the same salary to the employees for at least one more year. (1 euro=1.11 U.S. dollars)