Good news for tourism in Indonesia

The number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia from January to November drifted 3.55 percent higher to 14.92 million people, the Central Bureau of Statistics announced here on Thursday.

The number of foreign holiday makers from the ASEAN member nations traveling to Indonesia in the period increased the most by 18.11 percent on the year, said Kecuk Suhariyanto, head of the bureau.

Visitors from Malaysia contributed the biggest number to the Indonesian foreign tourist arrivals in the first 11 months with figures of 2.83 million people (19.01 percent), followed by China, Singapore and Australia which contributed 1.92 million people (12.87 percent), 1.74 million people (11.64 percent), 1.26 million people (8.47 percent) respectively, the official said.

However, the number of foreign tourist arrivals from Asian countries, excluding those of the ASEAN member nations, drifted down the most by 9.93 percent in the period, he said.

With the figure of foreign tourist arrivals recorded in the first 11 months, Suhariyanto said that the bureau has estimated that the number of foreign travelers coming into Indonesia is expected to reach between 16.1 million and 16.3 million people by the end of 2019.

In 2018, foreign visitors coming to Indonesia reached 15.8 million people, according to the bureau.