Cruise boom for South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu

A total of 164 cruise ships are expected to visit the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu in 2020 with 80 cruises scheduled for the capital city of Port Vila.

According to Vanuatu’s Daily Post on Friday, Vanuatu’s Crew-Center said that the number of cruise ships for the island of Santo in 2020 keeps decreasing while two other ports in Vanuatu, the beautiful Mystery Island and Port Vila’s cruise numbers keep hiking from the previous year.

In 2018, Port Vila marked its highest with 108 cruise ship arrivals in total. The biggest cruise with the highest number of guests for Port Vila is Ovation of the Seas and is expected around November and December 2020 with 4,905 passengers. Mystery Island will expect its highest number of passengers from Ovation of the Seas on Jan. 9, 2020.

The highest number of guests in Vanuatu’s second largest city of Luganville is expected on Dec. 5 with around 3,360 guests and for Champagne beach, the biggest number of guests is expected on Aug. 10, with 1,627 passengers.

Avock Fred, a bus owner in Port Vila, told the newspaper that many taxi and bus owners are already looking forward to providing service to the cruises and that means they are starting 2020 with a bright and early time to work.