Croatia to seek new fighter jets from seven countries

Croatia said on Wednesday that it has sent requests to seven countries to bid for contracts to supply fighter jets.

The Croatian government said in a statement that an interdepartmental commission for the procurement of multi-purpose aircraft asked the United States (F-16) and Sweden (JAS Gripen) to bid for new jets, while France (Rafale), Italy (Eurofighter), Norway, Greece, and Israel (F-16) were asked to bid for used aircraft.

The government said the commission expects to receive initial replies in May, and will complete its evaluation in August.

Croatia, a NATO member, is determined to procure fighter jets after a deal with Israel failed in January 2019.

In March 2018, Croatia reached a 3.1 billion kuna (about 477 million U.S. dollars) deal with Israel to purchase 12 upgraded used F-16 Barak jets. However, the government dropped the agreement after Israel failed to get approval from Washington.