Bulgarian opposition launches 4th no-confidence motion against gov’t

Bulgaria’s opposition parties on Monday filed the fourth no-confidence motion against the coalition government of the center-right GERB party and the nationalist United Patriots that has been in power since May 2017.

The parliamentary group of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) filed the motion citing the government’s “failure in environmental and water policy.”

“Half a million Bulgarians currently live in places with water restrictions, and there is a serious risk that this number will increase,” the party’s leader, Korneliya Ninova, told reporters.

Ninova, whose party holds 79 seats in the 240-seat parliament, said that the air in Bulgaria is among the dirtiest in Europe, and the country has become a dumping ground for garbage coming from other countries.

According to the parliament’s rules, the motion must be discussed no earlier than three days and not later than seven days after the receipt of the proposal, and voted no earlier than 24 hours after the closure of the debate.

To be passed, the motion must be supported by more than half of the legislators.

BSP filed the previous three no-confidence motions against the coalition government in January, June and October 2018, citing the government’s alleged inability to cope with corruption, security and healthcare issues, respectively. These three motions were unsuccessful, as were all other no-confidence motions filed in Bulgaria over the last 30 years.