Harry Potter Book Night in Asuncion fills fans with magic

Asuncion took part in the first ever “Harry Potter Book Night” organised by BOOKS bookstore and the British Embassy together with Bloomsbury Publishing.

Last Thursday 6 February Harry Potter fans came together to celebrate the Triwizard Torunament, theme of this year’s Harry Potter Book Night. Children and adults alike spent a magic evening at the Books store, celebrating with games and laughs.

Fans had a photo booth with robes, wands and a wizard hat to get their picture taken. The bookstore offered their countless book collections of Harry Potter-related adventures. Trivia contests among the public and a book reading marked the eventful night.

Ambassador Matthew Hedges read a fragment of Chapter 19, “The Hungarian Horntail” in Spanish, much to the delight of the many children in attendance. He explained the importance of sharing this chapter with the fans because it features dragons:

It is a pleasure to me to share with you this chapter were we learn about these magical creatures, among them a Welsh Green.

As you know, the Welsh flag has a dragon in it!

Children surround a person reading a book
HMA Matthew Hedges reading to the fans.

Fans also had the chance to test their knowledge of the series by answering a series of questions based on “The Goblet of Fire”, fourth book in the series and the one in which the Triwizard Tournament takes place. At the end of the night, the decisive question that led to a winner was “What was the price of the Triwizard Tournament?” A hint: it’s not just the Triwizard Cup!

BOOKS and the British Embassy in Asuncion look forward to hosting the event again next year.

A banner surrounded by Harry Potter-themed decoration
The event was an opportunity to showcase UK’s film, literature and creativity.