Israel limits natural gas production at Leviathan due to pipeline fault

Israel has limited the natural gas production from its largest natural gas field Leviathan to about 60 percent of its production capacity due to a pipeline fault, the Ministry of Energy announced Thursday.

The ministry informed the field’s U.S. operator Noble Energy that until the fault’s investigation and necessary tests are completed, full production of the wells will not be possible.

Leviathan, located in the Mediterranean Sea, has four wells with a daily production capacity of about 300 million cubic feet each.

The fault was discovered in pipeline segments located close to one of the wells.

The fault is a vibration, detected by an underwater robot. To minimize vibration, the natural gas production from the wells has been reduced.

The ministry noted that the fault did not cause any pollution of seawater, nor damage to the rig and engineering facilities.

The field, which started flowing natural gas in December 2019, was discovered in 2010 and contains about 500 billion cubic meters of natural gas.