The Czech Republic’s exports increased by 3.6 percent

The Czech Republic’s exports increased by 3.6 percent to reach 4,563 billion Czech crowns (199 billion U.S. dollars) in 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said on Thursday.

“We are glad that Czech foreign trade and Czech entrepreneurs are doing well. It is confirmed that we are still successful in exports, especially in the automotive field, but also telecommunications,” said Karel Havlicek, Minister of Industry, Trade and Transport.

Most of these exports went to Germany, Slovakia, Poland, France, and the United Kingdom. Statistics show that 83.6 percent of Czech exported goods went to countries in the European Union (EU). However, Czech industry saw the largest growth in exports to Switzerland, the United States, and Japan, said the ministry.

Passenger cars and passenger transport vehicles, motor vehicle parts and accessories, data processing equipment, and telecommunications equipment are among the exported goods with a large share, it said.