Historical UFO Sightings

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Near the beginning and during times of war and conflict, historical evidence suggests an increase in UFO activity. Some cases also involve findings of unidentified partial submerged objects. Throughout the ages, reports of unidentified flying objects consistently date back and are not a new age mystery. Ancient civilisations depicted the unexplained flying objects in terms linking to their current experience and interpretation of the events, of the specific reported time period.

One important case includes various sightings written during ancient city gazettes throughout the time of the Black Plague outbreak. Many cases of cigar-shaped flying vessels were registered, with a mist filling the air, to the extent that most people thought they could see the plague coming toward them.

During the outbreak, the mass sighting is very similar to news reports in 1561 and 1566 in the Nuremberg area, containing similar objects. Another such case refers to a single flying object reported over many countries covering from Scotland all the way to eastern China, described from individual sighting reports in those respective territories.

The fascinating mystery of the reports is that they all happened at the same time between countries at war. Events in the 20th century such as the Roswell in 1947 served like a rooster call to those who weren’t previously aware. This brought considerable attention to the chances of UFOs existing around the world. Both cases are packed with debate and seem to lack the realistic evidence necessary to satisfy sceptics.

Practically no evidence has been found about the Black Forest case, yet the crash was recorded to have happened. Some sightings throughout the 1940s might also be explained by Fu-Go devices or the Japanese balloon attack. Over 1,000 balloons with an integrated cargo are likely to have reached Canada and the United States by taking advantage of the global jet stream air path.

The Japanese asserted to have introduced more than 9,000 in total with the first series in 1944 from Honshu Japan, throughout the same period of FOO reports over Germany. The problem with this solution, though, is the strangegleamingspheres over Germany could be flown through with an aircraft. Only one famous case with the cause of death to a Fu-Go device was recorded in Oregon to happen in 1945.

In the 1940s, incidents of mysterious unexplained flying object-related incidents and sightings have increased significantly over the years. To the extent that a selected organisation was created in 1969. Presently, the Midwest UFO Network, MUFON tracks reports of sightings across the planet and is open to the general public. Their objective is one of analytical study of alien craft trend for the benefit of humanity.